Introducing Variant Mobile

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Most often when someone goes online to look for a website template, it is done with the intention of finding something that looks stylish and which has a nice layout for presenting content on computer screens. As a free website template designer, I have mostly focused on providing that kind of templates. But recently I created a couple of super simple and minimalistic single-column templates, which would look quite boring on computer screens - but which could be useful for presenting content on smaller screens and mobile devices. To my surprise, the feedback for these templates was very positive and I was asked to create more templates in the same style.

One specific request was for a dark single-column template, similar to the single-column version of the Variant Pure template but with some color and a navigation menu that would allow a short description of each link. I gave it a try and this is the result.


This template uses a fluid width of 95% (of the screen width), with a max-width set to 960 pixels. This means that it looks OK on regular computer screens, while resizing to fit small-screen and low-resolution devices. As with all my templates, Variant Mobile is intended as a starting point which you can build upon and add your own touch to. But if you are missing something specific, don't hesitate to contact me through my website and send me your requests.

You can find additional material and variations of this template, as well as articles and tutorials on how to build websites using templates, on