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Post 2 Host!
Stonerocket set the benchmark in post 2 host free web hosting, we have been offering post 2 host hosting since 2005. We top almost every hosting directory in post 2 host, Its nothing to brag about.
Our staff have worked hard in refining the post 2 host system and hopefully their hard work is proven and delivers the best post 2 host system devised.

Most post 2 host providers require you to keep posting on their forums everyweek or each month, but at stonerocket we dont think that way! We only require you to meet a one-off posting quota of 10 posts get qualify for the basic hosting package and 50 posts for the advanced package, 100 post`s for the pro package.

Why do I have to post?
Posting on a forum to get free hosting may put a lot of people off from using the service, simply because they do not want to post or like posting. Well heres the reason we do ask you all to make an initial “one time” 10 post`s before you qualify to request free web hosting.

If we had instant activation accounts we would be over run with spammer and warez sites/files using our service which in turn will certainly affect the reliability and performance of the free hosting service. Causing regular downtimes and slowing down the server. Then a lot of users would be complaining, which in turn we would have more support request`s to deal with..