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28th November 2011 - Domain Give-away
Stonerocket with be giving away free domains again in Decemeber for more information please view this thread: forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=23971

24th November 2011 - New Server Ordered
We have purchased a brand new high spec server for the free hosting account. more information will follow in the next few days.

19th October 2011 - Stonerocket Arcade
We have launched a new entertainment area to the website, you can now choose from over 1200 games to play from in Stonerocket Aracde.

5th October 2011
This news update not stonerocket free hosting related but more towards the SEO stats tool we launched recently, did you know that you can add a google page rank button on your website that links to all the SEO data for your website, you find find an example on this website Solar Panels Lancashire look for the pagerank button on the left sidebar.

23th September 2011 - New project
One of the stonerocket staff members (DJB) is going to attempt to build the worlds first HTML5 CMS. He is looking for help in getting this project up and running, Contact can be via his forum profile view profile.

20th September 2011 - SEO Stats /Staff Changes
We have added a new script to the stonerocket website for websites owners interested in checking out certain statistics on their website. you can find it under SEO Tool on the main menu. Staff Changes, We have decided to drop some of the stonerocket staff team due to inactivity. For more information please read this link.

10th July 2011 - New website up - HTML5 Templates
We are proud to announce a brand new website in the stonerocket network, The website has been setup to provide resources and templates for anyone interested in HTML5, the new version of HTML. To visit the site please follow the link

22 April 2011 - server move / vidiclip closed
Theres 2 major changes to report today firstly is we have decided to withdraw the videos section (vidiclip) from the website due to lack of usage no-one seems interested in uploading their videos so its gone. And secondly we have moved our main website to another hosting provider with faster server speeds.
As a result we have taken the forums offline for a short time so that no user data or post`s are lost while we move to a new server. Should you require emergency support on your hosting account please email (only email us if its critical otherwise wait til the forums are back online.

15th April 2011 - Spring Account Clean-up 2011
Every 4 months we do file maintainance / clean-ups and upgrades on the free hosting servers. This includes getting rid of all the un-used / dead accounts. So we require a little infomation from EVERYONE who has a free web hosting account from us. For more information account holders please read this link.

13th April 2011 - New Free Template Added
We have added a new free css / xhtml website template called "Beadysite" to our template pages. It was designed by one of our staff members (DJB). Beadysite template a clean and simple 2 column layout based on our main site design. It`s available to download free from Our Designs page. (Wordpress version coming soon)

1st March 2011 - Free Domains Giveaway - ENDED
We are currently holding a competition we gives 3 lucky members a chance to win a completly free domain vaild for a year.
Interested then check out this page - Free domains giveaway March 11

22nd Feb 2011 - New Website Layout
If your new here on stonerocket then you probably will not know we just launched a new site layout, if your a regular visitor then surely you have noticed.
Well quietly in the background in the last couple of months we have been working on the new layout and new content for stonerocket unfortunetly we have not finished it, the layout is done but theres so much content that we are planning to add to the site it could take weeks or months. All the important stuff is allready up and running. But keep an eye out as we have lots more to come which we are sure you will enjoy.