Free cPanel Web Hosting

Free cPanel Web Hosting with PHP & MYsql
Our free web hosting includes the lastest version of PHP5 with dozens of the most popular modules such as Zend, Curl, Freetype and many others. Also installed on our free hosting service is Mysql, Mysql is needed for running scripts such as Wordpress and phpBB. Most free hosting providers do no offer Mysql.

Basic Package
250mb webspace
15,000mb bandwidth
10 email accounts
3 Mysql Databases
3 FTP accounts
3 Add-on Domains
3 Parked Domains
3 sub-domains
cPanel 11 Advanced
Advanced Package
500mb webspace
20,000mb bandwidth
25 email accounts
5 Mysql Databases
5 FTP accounts
5 Add-on Domains
5 Parked Domains
5 sub-domains
cPanel 11 Advanced
Pro Package
1000mb webspace
25,000mb bandwidth
50 email accounts
10 Mysql Databases
10 FTP accounts
10 Add-on Domains
10 Parked Domains
10 sub-domains
cPanel 11 Advanced

No Ads on your Webpages we will Never place any forced advertisements on your website or webpages ever. Although you can place a link back to stonerocket if you wish.

Lots of Webspace
We offer lots of webspace to get your websites up and running how you like them without the worry of running out of webspace our basic package offers 250mb webspace thats enough space to host thousands of webpages, but if thats not enough then theres the option to upgrade to the advanced package which has double the amount of webspace 500mb. And if thats still not enough we have a bumber bursting pro package which has 1000mb webspace. Most users will be happy with the basic package for hosting smaller sites but remember you have the option to upgrade if you need it.

Tons of Bandwidth
No matter how many visitors you get you need not worry about running out of bandwidth, we know in choosing a hosting provider bandwidth is an important factor so we offer very generous amounts of bandwidth on your hosting account. Also as your sites grow in time you can upgrade your bandwidth.
90% of our users never use more than about 1-2gb per month the basic package has 15gb.