Free cPanel Web Hosting

Web Hosting FAQ`s!
Some questions get asked over and over so to help you heres some of the most commonly asked questions with their answers.

Is the hosting really free?
Yes, It`s completly free! We will never ever charge you a penny for hosting.

How do I get hosting?
To get free hosting from stonerocket we ask you to join our community forums and make 10 posts, one of those post must include a new thread/topic. You only have to do this once meaning you do not have to keep posting to keep your hosting. But please visit our website and forums atleast once a month to find about updates to your hosting etc etc. Once you have your 10 posts then head over to the free hosting request section where our account creators will be able to deal with your request.
Please allow upto 24 hours for your account to be created.
Please do not spam as it will be noticed and your account application maybe declined if you do.

Why do I have to post?
Posting on a forum to get free hosting may put a lot of people off from using the service, simply because they do not want to post or like posting. Well heres the reason we do ask you all to make an initial “one time” 10 post`s before you qualify to request free web hosting.

If we had instant activation accounts we would be over run with spammer and warez sites/files using our service which in turn will certainly affect the reliability and performance of the free hosting service. Causing regular downtimes and slowing down the server. Then a lot of users would be complaining, which in turn we would have more support request`s to deal with..

I have my own domain what are your nameservers?
Our nameservers are: - -