Tech Box

A new area for stonerocket in 2011, The main goal is to compile and write great and easy to understand tutorials on building sucessful websites.
Plus articles covering some of the big news in the world of tech, software and hardware to run it all on.

As the area is new theres only a limited amount of content here at the moment but as the months pass you will see the designer area fill up and bloom. We invite you also to submit your own write-ups and tutorials you can do this by posting your content in the tutorial section on the forums, see the forum for more info.

Data Hoarders

Internet dwellers have railed against the classic walled gardens of the web for years. It stands to reason then, that as we entered the Web 2.0 era, developers should have been prepared for this. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and, while your data is your data, there was a long period where you could only use it in the place it was created.

Now, there has been a gradual shift toward portability and many of the once guilty parties are taking steps to enable you to take your data with you wherever you choose. Services like Posterous have strongly pushed the envelope here in getting developers to ease up, but those initiatives were still, in several cases, stonewalled.

when Facebook got hip to data portability, that this became a true trend. That announcement should be considered a death knell to any web app hoping to make a buck while keeping user data proprietary.